Several contributions of the SOSreceiver project were presented at the 12CNIT conference (Madrid)

The research team presented some of their lasted findings of the SOSreceiver
project at the XII National and III International Conference on Engineering Thermodynamics(12CNIT). The 12CNIT conference was held in Madrid, Spain, from the 29th of June to the 1st of
July, 2022, and was organized by researchers of Carlos III University of Madrid, some of which
are members of the research team of the SOSreceiver project. For more than twenty years,
this biennial conference has been a unique forum for researchers, university teachers and
professionals who develop their activity in the field of Engineering Thermodynamics. In
12CNIT conference four papers with oral communications were presented describing the
newest project outcomes: Convection heat transfer coefficient study in a bayonet heat
exchanger; Experimental characterization of solar central receivers; Thermal design of once-
through coil-wound steam generator for solar power plants; Detailed numerical simulation of
corrugated receiver tubes for molten salt solar power towers.